Better Deck

Watch kids play, grill your favorite meal, invite friends for a beer or a glass of wine, watch the game or read a book. No matter what your favorite activity is, doing it is always better when you do it in the fresh air.

Extend your life, build a better deck

Our passion to give you what you want. We are here to serve you and help you create your perfect place to do life outdoors on a deck. You won’t find us upselling you on a space you do not want. If a better deck is for you then a better deck it is.

This estimate is for a deck within 3 feet of the ground with no stairs. (and not including removing existing deck)

What to expect with a Better Deck

  • Solid Wood
  • 6 X 6 smooth or rough cut cedar support posts
  • 2X10 cedar tune joists
  • 2X6 5/4 smooth cedar flooring
  • 2X2 spindles metal or round balusters
  • 6 or 8′ metal, cedar tone or composite handrails

Get a Better Deck 10 X 12 platform for roughly $4,500

Build Your Deck