Deck Repairs

Deck in a Day is also Repair in a Day!

A typical deck repair involves flooring boards that need to be replaced. The experts at Deck in a Day make every effort to match the existing wood when boards are replaced. If this isn’t possible, we match it as best we can. After the boards are replaced, we recommend the deck is sanded to a smooth finish to remove any splinters and imperfections. This repair process can be completed with few boards or as many boards as necessary for the repair.

Unfortunately, it is our experience that the deck peers are usually the part of a deck that fails or rots first. With peers, the main concern is safely supporting the deck. Making sure it is secure, safe and held up to support the weight of the floor as well as any inhabitants on the deck. If the peers need to be replaced, they are removed, and new footings are poured with cement. The posts are set in the new footings. Replacing unsafe peers will ensure your deck lasts a long time. Most decks fail because the footings are not safe.

If the footings need to be replaced that does not necessitate that the flooring needs to be replaced. Deck in a Day uses jacks to lift the deck up while the footings are poured and set. The process of pouring new footings and replacing the posts is completed on one day and the team at Deck in the Day return the following day, after the concrete has set, to lower the deck and complete the repair work.

Deck in a day is committed to saving our customers money when we can. We’re not interested in building a new deck that doesn’t need to be built. We’re in the business of repairing any parts of a deck that affect the safety and security of the deck. If a repair is in your best interest, then a repair is in our best interest. Our goal is to make sure that our customers are happy, and their decks are safe. The experts at Deck in a Day have saved 90% of the decks that needed significant repair.

Example of a deck we could not save.

Should a homeowner request a larger deck or a different configuration, the repair then becomes a new deck.

Re-skin a deck

The process of re-skinning a deck involves fixing the deck structure, making sure the structure is safe and secure and replacing the old wood deck floor with new wood. After replacing the wood, we apply a deck stain in the customers color choice. This process saves the customer a lot of money.  When a deck can be re-skinned versus re-done, this is always an excellent cost-saving choice. When a customer does not change the size of the deck, Deck in a Day can repair the peers, fix the posts or put in new posts, and fix the stairs that may need attention- this is much better for the homeowner from a cost perspective.

Deck in a Day is committed to doing what’s best for the customer to minimize the costs of extending your life outdoors. Repairing and maintaining a deck is always our primary goal. Homeowners should plan to professionally power wash and stain a deck once every 2-3 years to extend the life and safety of the structure.