Power Washing and Deck Staining

Power washing and staining the deck maintains the look and longevity of your wood deck. Deck in a Day Kansas City can maintain your deck!One of the best ways to take care of and maintain a deck is to clean the deck by power washing it. Power washing removes the loose paint from the wood and any debris or dirt that’s on the wood. Once the power washing is complete, the deck must dry.

Next, our team stains the deck with homeowners choice of stain. We prefer the homeowner to provide the stain color to ensure the outcome and desired look is acceptable. If the deck has a stain that the homeowner is pleased with and the homeowner chooses to continue with that color, our team will color match the existing stain.

On a deck that requires it, Deck in a Day will sand the deck by hand. Sanding will preserve and extend the life of the wood. Sanding includes flooring, spindles, and railing. The sanding process works to remove the imperfections from the wood. The goal of sanding is to be able to walk barefoot on the deck without incurring any splinters. After the deck is properly sanded, the stain will be applied.Power washing and deck staining in a day with deck in a day Kansas City

When should a deck be power washed and re-stained?

A deck is usually 2-3 years old before needing to be power washed and stained. A brand new deck does not need to be power washed and stained. A homeowner can take care of a new deck for the first few years by cleaning it at the beginning and the end of the summer season with a simple spray attachment to a garden hose. Spraying it removes dirt and debris on the wood.  However, to maintain and extend the life of the deck, power washing and staining need to be done every 2 to 3 years.

The experts at Deck in a Day do not recommend you use the textured deck paints (by Behr) to try and repair or cover up splintering and worn wood on a deck. This paint holds moisture and moisture causes wood rot from the inside out. It may look good in the short-term, but the entire wood deck will need to be replaced when it becomes rotted.

Power wash and stain your deck every 2-3 years and enjoy your life outside! Your deck will look better and last longer!